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1.Waterways and wildlife

Heinävesi is well-known for its monasteries and Heinävesi’s route with its canals is part of the Finnish national landscape.

1.1.Beautiful Canal Region
Heinävesi Route and it´s six canals The narrow and winding waterways, the island-open lakes and old canals make Heinävesi’s route a unique ensemble. This must be experienced at least once in a lifetime! The canalisation of the Heinävesi route began in the late 1800s, and there are six canals on-route. Karvio’s canal opened a ferry route from Kuopio to Heinävesi, when it was completed in 1896. Kerma, Vihovuonne and Pilppa canals above Kermajärvi, were built in the years 1903-1906. This opened up a ferry route to Savonlinna. Varistaipale and Taivallahti were dug in 1911- 1916. Out of these, Varistaipale’s four-chamber canal has Finland’shighest d rop of 14.5 metres.

1.2. Go on a Cruise

Ms. Puijo cruises on the Heinävesi route 3.7.-5.8.2017
Saimaan Laivamatkat
Tel. +358 15 250 250

Ms. Sergei Cruises
Ms. Sergei travels from the Valamo Monastery to the canals, and Lintula Monastery or Juojärvi. In July, there are theatre cruises to Karvio Summer Theatre at the weekends. Also charter cruises. Karvio’s resort/Monastery cruises

Tel. +358 17 563 603  17 570 111

1.3 Water and nature

Kolovesi National Park
A wilderness environment, where you can quiet down at the shore of Lake Saimaa. Rugged cliff s and ancient rock paintings tell of the millennia coexistence of nature and human beings. The Saimaa ringed seals can also be seen in the area. The National Park waters are excellent for canoeing and rowing. There are two marked nature trails in the region: Nahkiaissalo 3.3 km and Mäntysalo 3.8 km.
www.luontoon.fi /kolovesi

Lake Kermajärvi Nature Reserve is a peaceful water excursion destinationin the cent re of the beautiful national landscape. You can come for acouple of  days or boating, canoeingor fishing. The beautiful lake-side scenery is all in its natural state and the area’s backwoods are wonderful for berry picking. A view of open waters that cut through the island chains opens from the Heinävesi Water Route. This route leads from Savonlinna via Heinävesi to Kuopio and is considered one of Finland’s most beautiful ferry routes. Kermajärvi  is a nationally important landscape and nature reserve.  
www. nationalparks.fi /kermajarvi


Heinävesi Route  for canoeing Heinävesi route along the national landscape from Valamo Monastery to Säynämö’s camping site that runs a route of 80 km. Along the way there are also all six canals of the Heinävesi route. Along  the route, good accommodation and  restaurant services. Map on Google maps: Heinäveden kanavasoutu  

1.4. Port services along the Heinävesi Route

2) Kermanvirta beach



4)Heinävesi Visitor pier of the village

5)Karvio resort

6)Neste Karvionkanava



9)Papinniemi at Valamo


2. Activities

2.1. Fishing

The numerous current and rapids areas in the region and extensive water areas make it a true fisherman´s  dream destination.

Rapids area of Karvio
Neste Karvionkanava tel. +358 17 563 569

Rapids area of Kerma
Neste Heinävesi tel. +358 400 456 124
Kermakeidas tel. +358 17 566 191
Kermankoski kiosk  (during the summer)

Kermajärvi lure fishing area

Neste Heinävesi tel. +358 400 456 124
Kermankeidas tel. +358 17 566 191
K-Market Karvio  tel. +358 563 551

Kolovesi lure permit area
Neste Heinävesi tel. +358 400 456 124

Juojärvi-Rikkavesi lure permit area


(Heinävesi Mustalampi fishing permit)

Neste Heinävesi tel. +358 400 456 124


Palokki ponds

Vilho Pykäläinen tel. +358 40 593 1444
Ronttopuisto (during the summer)) tel. +358 17 563 188

Fishing trips:

Tuplatärppi Fishing Trips Fishing Trips in Northern Saimaa’s landscapes at Lake Kermajärvi, in Orivesi and the Heinävesi route.
Tel. +358 44 516 45 33

2.2. Nature spots

Mattila Farm

Nature reserve forest and nature tourism farm in Vihtari, Heinävesi.

Nature path. Guided tours.Café

Pirteä Pässi Oy,  Savonrannantie 12a, 79940 Vihtari.
Tel.: +358 40 547 3885 or +358 040 545 6472.
jaana.sulkava@gmail.com  or  ristosulkava3@gmail.com


Heinävesi tree species park

The tree species park has been established mid-1990s to Raaminmäki, 4.5 km south from Heinävesi village. The park was renovated in 2015-16. The surface area of the area is 3.7 hectares and there are 54 different tree species. Each species is presented on the information board with a QR code. There is a 840 m long path through the area and a rest area has been built on the ruins of the old drying barn.
More information: www.heinavesi.fi

observation tower A tower, which overlooks Heinävesi’s forested hills and Kermajärvi’s shimmering ridges. The tower is situated 3 km from the centre towards Varkaus.

Nature trips:

Lakeland GTE - programme services

Nature tours on an adventure bus, seal safaris and cruises on the Ecoboat
Injun paddling, fishing, and other nature experiences. In a radius of 100 kilometres from Varkaus and in the national parks of

Kolovesi and Linnansaari.
Tel. +358 400 966 800

2.3. Other activities


Icelandic horse

stable Dagur

Kukkakalliontie 6, Viljolahti

Tel. +358 40 5874 500


Frisbee Golf

In the vicinity of the sports field, a 9-hole Frisbee golf

course. Information board in front of the Sports Hall,

Kenttätie 6, Heinävesi


Heinävesi Centre

Kermanranta beach

and diving tower.

Tel. +358 40 836 7035

Sports centre
Tennis, athletic and football field, frisbee golf course
Kenttätie 6, Heinävesi

Tel. +358 40 836 7035


2.4. Winter activities


Ski trails in Heinävesi centre, in Kerma and in Northern Heinävesi.

Illuminated trails: Pääskyvuori, Heinävesi centre  and Valamo Monastery.

Download the ski track map to your mobile: https://careliaforest.fi/reittikartat.html

Downhill skiing
Ski Centre Pääskyvuori

A reformed ski centre for the whole family

in the vicinity of the Heinävesi centre.

Four slopes, height difference 102 m, longest slope 700 m

New snowpark in shape every day.

Equipment hire, ski school, slope cafe.

Connection to ski tracks and snowmobile routes.

Pääskyvuorentie 9, Heinävesi

Tel. +358 45 609 2790


Snowmobile routes

The 160-km-long snowmobile route network

is maintained by the municipality

subject to snow and ice conditions between

15.1. – 31.3. The routes are maintained once a week as necessary.

Information on the use and condition of the routes can be found

on the snowmobilers’ website: www.heinavedenmk.net.

Download the route map to your mobile: https://careliaforest.fi/reittikartat.html

Ice skating

Ice skating area in Heinävesi centre

and Karvio School’s ice rink.

Winter swimming
At the harbour of the Heinävesi centre.
The hole is illuminated and equipped with a

pump. There is a sauna reserved for

the use of winter swimmers.

Tel. +358 40 836 7035

Variranta in Varistaipale

sauna by appointment

Tel. + 358 40 529 8638



3. Attractions

Numerous attractions and cultural sites offer a visitor to a region an unforgettable experience

Peace and tranquillity in the midst of everyday life can be found in the monasteries. You can

get in touch with the old days of life by exploring museums and cultural attractions.

3.1. Valamo Monastery


After the wars, the monks who were

evacuated from Laatokka, Valamo’s

island, settled in Heinävesi’s Papinniemi.

In recent years, high-quality

art exhibitions have been featured

at the monastery. The monastery area

has three churches, three chapels,

a cultural centre offering courses,

Restaurant Trapesa, the monastery

shop Tuohus, wine shop, the

monastery hotel and guesthouses.

Valamontie 42, 79850 Uusi-Valamo

Tel. +358 17 570 111

or +358 17 810 5701


3.2. Lintula Holy Trinity Convent

Lintula Holy Trinity Convent is

open to visitors daily from June

to August, as well as on request

in May and September-October.

The monastery has a café, souvenir

shop, guest rooms and guided tours.

Honkasalo 3, 79830 Palokki

Tel. office +358 40 485 7603, cafe +358 485 7558, shop +358 40 485 7570


3.3. Heinävesi Cultural Church

Situated high on a hill, the wooden church that was

built in 1891 is one of the largest of its kind in Finland.

Open 26.6.-13.8. daily 11-18. During the summer, the

church also arranges an art exhibition.

Kirkkotie 16, 79700 HEINÄVESI

Tel. +358 400 484 237

3.4. Museums

Heinävesi local

history museum

The local history museum presents

the history of the region and

its inhabitants, from  the comb

ceramic period onwards.

Open in July

Kirkkotie 3

Tel. +358 40 7101 919

Varistaipale Canal Museum

Exhibitions about building the

canals and life near them.

Open from mid-June to mid-August daily 10-18.

Tel. +358 29 534 300 or +358 400 634 826 (during opening hours)

Museum cabin Riski

An old log cabin and smoke sauna

moved from Juojärvi’s island, at the

coast of Koskijärvi, in Heinävesi’s

Palokki. Th e museum exhibits,

e.g. a collection of chainsaws that

are more than 250 years old and

a collection of artefacts. Open by

appointment, accommodation for

10-12 people.

Tel. +358 400 174 617


The museum displays wrought

iron works by five generations

of metal smiths as well as items

related to the Palokki sawmill,

village and rapids. Open during the summer.

Luostaritie 78, Palokki

Tel. +358 17 563 188

or +358 400 760 430


4.4. Shopping

In context of a holiday, it is nice to also get to know the local shopping  possibilities.

Ceramics workshop Inkariikka

High-quality arts and crafts directly

from the workshop store. Besides

ceramics, local handmade products,

such as felt and glass works.

Open by appointment.

Tel. +358 41 436 9346


Souvenir shop Tuohus

Valamo Monastery


Valamontie 42, 79850 UUSI-VALAMO

Tel. +358 17 570 111


Valamon Viiniherman Oy

The monastery’s own dessert,

sparkling, red and white wines, whisky

Valamo Monastery, Valamontie 42,


Tel. +358 17 570 1501


Lintula Monastery´s  souvenir shop

Crafts, tapers and icons.
Herbs and herbal teas from the convent’s own garden

as well as honey.

Honkasalontie 3, 79860 PALOKKI

Tel. +358  40 485 7570

Terttu´s Flea Market

Askeltie 1; 79700 HEINÄVESIi

Tel. +358 40 174 9599


Torvela summer shop and café

Jewellery and decorative items made of recycled materials,

as well as wood and textile works.

Open during the summer.

Torvelantie 64, Heinävesi

Tel. +358 40 760 5649


Work Centre Koskelo

Wood and textile products from the Leväniemi activity

centre’s workshop.

Toritie 3, Karvio

Tel. +358 40 594 9340

Suomen Parvekevaruste

Heat-treated aspen-made, durable and rolling grilles

for damp areas. Open by appointment.

Tel. +358 40 592 4349,



Wooden custom-made furniture and gift items.

Open by appointment.

Tel. +358 40 507 888


Local history literature in finnish language

Tel. +358 44 251 8771


4.1. Farm products

Hasumäen hunaja

Natural flower honey.

Tel. +358 400 271 735

Soile luomupuoti

Organic foods, as well as the farm’s

own vegetables and berries according

to the season.

Malkkilantie 152, 79700 Heinävesi,

Tel. +358 40 7084 789

www.elisanet.fi /soilen_luomutila

Varistaipale canal kiosk

Strawberries, potatoes and vegetables

at harvest time. Sold during the

summer at Varistaipale canal’s

parking lot.

Tel. +358 44 524 2207

4.2. Bakery

Home bakery and catering

service Päivi Mikkonen

Bread and confectionery products

to order in Heinävesi.

At summer sales at Heinävesi

Market Mon-Fri at 8-16,

Sat at 8-15

Tel. +358 40 564 4220


Karvio Neste

Oven fresh local malt bread.

Lepikkomäentie 1, 7910 KARVIONKANAVA

Tel. +358 17 563 641


Kahvio Saurus/ Ronttopuisto

Fresh pastries every day during the


Luostaritie 78, 79860 Palokki

Tel. +358 17 563 188,

+358 400 760 430

5. Restaurants and cafés

Restaurant Rafla Lätti

Lunch buffet during the week, music during the weekends

Virastokuja 1, 79700 Heinävesi

Tel. +358 46 563 3067

Restaurant Trapesa

Buffet every day at the Valamo


Tel. +358 17 570 111


Restaurant Kermankeidas

Open 1.5.-10.9. in June, July and

August daily, in May and September

only at weekends. At other times by


Tuvantie 1, 79910 Kerma

Tel. +358 17 566 191

or +358 400 312 131


Neste Cafe Kotiherkku

Lunch buf et on weekdays,

Kotipizza and Burger.

Kermantie 3, 79700 Heinävesi

Tel. +358 400 456 124

Pizzeria Hilal

Askeltie 1, 79700 Heinävesi

tel.  +358 44 9620974

Neste Karvionkanava

Lepikkomäentie 5, 79810 Karvio

Tel. +358 17 563 641


Karvion lomakeskus

Takunlahdentie 2, 79810 Karvio

Tel. +358 17 563 603


Uittotupa Café-Pub

Uitontie 1, 79810 Karvio

Tel. +358 40 512 4300

Karvion Kievari

Open by appointment.

Lepikkomäentie 3, 79810 Karvionkanava

Tel. +358 17 563 504

Lintula monastery café

Open 1.6.-31.8.

Honkasalontie 3, 79860 Palokki

Tel. +358  40 485 7558

Heinävesi village market

square cafe

Open during the summer Mon-Fri

8-16, Sat 8-15


Cafeteria Saurus,


Open from June to August 10-18.

Luostaritie 78, 79860 Palokki

Tel. +358 17 563 188

or +358 400 760 430


6. Accommodation

Hotel Valamo monastery and Guestrooms

Valamontie 42, 79850 Uusi-Valamo

Tel. +358 17 570 111


Karvio Lomakeskus resort

Takunlahdentie 2, 79810 Karvionkanava

Tel. +358 17 563 603


Karvion kievari

Lepikkomäentie 3 A,

79810 Karvionkanava

Tel. +358 17 563 504



Accommodation in a beautiful

canal and rapids area. The main

house has 5 spacious bedrooms

and the Vahtitupa  building can
accommodate 10 people.

Tuvantie 1, 79910 Kerma,

Tel. +358 17 566 191



Lake Finland Guesthouse

High-quality guest house with 20

beds, sauna, self-catering kitchens

and activities. Reservations in advance.

Heinävedentie 141, Sappu, Kerma

Tel. +358 44 050 5121

www.lakefi nland.fi

Lintula Convent’s

guest rooms

Honkasalontie 3, Palokki

Tel. +358  40 485 7558

Majatalo Kotipuro

Accommodation in an idyllic rural


Kotipurontie 3, 79910 Kerma

Tel. +358 40 5781 842


Säynämö Camp Centre

Cottages, rooms, as well as tent and

caravan spaces.

Sompasaarentie 42,

79700 Heinävesi


Villa Sillanpää

One apartment with an outdoor

sauna and barbeque.

Luostaritie 37 A, Varistaipale

Tel. +358 45 673 3841


Luotsi Houses
Tyynelä and Lähtevä

At the shore of Taivallahti canal in


Tel. +358 50 911 6354


7. Events

The region’s lively event life offers something for everyone.

7.1.  Exhibitions


Via Finlandia – masters of the golden era

of the Finnish art

at Valamo Monastery, open Mon-Sat 10-17,

Sun and church festivals 12-17


Russian artist Irina Zatulovskaja’s exhibition

at Valamo Monastery, open Mon-Sat 10-17,

Sun and church festivals 12-17


Art Exhibition at Heinävesi Church

Since 2005, an art exhibition has been arranged in

Heinävesi’s bright church in cooperation with the

church and the municipality. Over the years the

exhibition has featured well-known artists’ work on a

local and national level.

7.2. Summer Theatre


Karvio Theatre

The Valamo Trilogy’s, i.e. the third part of the play

ensemble about the post-war history of the Valamo

Monastery and the encountering of cultures, ”New

Spirit ” is shown at Karvio canal in Heinävesi.


7.3. Music


Heinävesi 11th

Music Festival

Concerts in the church, monastery,

and in the nature. Helsinki

Sinfonietta concerts under the

direction of renowned conductors.

High quality soloist concerts and laid

back club nights. Orthodox Church

music is also part of the programme.



Varistaipale 29th Park


Nice music is enjoyed at

Variranta beach

7.4. Others



Butterfly tour and summer night tour

At Mattila Farm in Heinävesi, Vihtari

#naturedays #Finland100




Falli in love with summer nights at Kolovesi

-Lady of the Lake  electric vessel cruises



24.6., 8.7.,20.7.,29.7.,5.8.

Traditional open-air dances

Kermankoski stage

At Heinävesi



Yanagi Judo Camp

International judo camp in Heinävesi

29.6., 6.7.,13.7.,20.7.,27.7.

Markets with programme

on Thursdays

At Heinävesi

Market square at 17-19


Heinävesi Canal

Rowing Regatta

80 km long route from Valamo

Harbour towards the Heinävesi

Route, a national heritage landscape.



Various events along the Heinävesi water route

on canals and piers. We follow the Puijo vessel’s journey

from Kuopio to Savonlinna.

See timetable www.mspuijo.fi



The atmosphere of this traditional

religious Kirkastusjuhlat event is unique.

The people walk up to the top of

Finland’s highest church hill to a

stunning wooden church, and in

the background glistens the blue

Lake Kermajärvi. Kirkastusjuhlat

have been part of Heinävesi’s

summer since 1947.



Local traditional festival

around Heinävesi Church and Rural museum

Kirkkotie, 79700 Heinävesi


Heinävesi Vauhtiajot

An action-packed gravity car race

for all ages. The racetrack passes

down the church hill to the port.

More information about the event

on the Facebook page.


Our orthodox culture heritage

Finland 100 years celebration seminar

At Valamo Institute


8. Info



Tourist office
Kermanrannantie 7
Tel. +358 40 710 1919